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Landscaping and Gardening Trends 2017

Backyard patio with natural materials furniture

A new year has begun, and with it, spring will soon be upon us as well as the planting season. In landscaping and gardening like, in fashion, new trends always emerge as the industry continues to change and grow. Below are some of the trends we at Mammoth Landscaping think we will be seeing in 2017. Read more

Ontario August 2016 Heat Wave

Summer is in full swing and with it so is the heat. Toronto is expecting its worst heat wave of the summer this week and it won’t be going away until this Saturday. This lack of rain is certain to have a negative effect on plant life everywhere and can also prove to be a burden on homeowner’s hydro bills. It is important during these times to make sure your irrigation system is properly working in order to avoid leaks and if not then to contact a professional to inspect it.

There are also many different ways in which water can be conserved around the house that can be beneficial to you and your plants. For tips, read our DIY Tips for Saving Water During Dry Season blog post.

Landscaping: Trends of 2016

With landscaping season already in full swing it is important to be aware of various trends. Here at Mammoth Landscaping, we do our best to keep up to date with everything going on in the industry to make sure that all of information is up to date. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that have become popular this year. Read more