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Frost Resistant Plants

As summer and early fall roll to a close, frost and cold weather dominate the outdoors. While one may think this can mean the end of garden plant life for the season, there are species out there that can survive the cooler temperatures. Read more

Perennial Maintenance

Fall is officially upon us and with it the fall maintenance period in preparation for winter. Among the many plants in your garden there are sure to be perennials. Perennials are plants that have a lifespan of more than one blooming season, usually two to three, but even these vary in the degree and type of maintenance that should be given to them as well as when they should be pruned. Some plants are best pruned in the spring, while others in the fall. There is no set rule as to what time period they should be pruned in and for the most part the use of observation and common sense come into play. Read more

Alternate Uses for Dead Leaves

As summer comes to an end, so too does the season for deciduous plant life. While your first reaction at the sight of dead leaves may be to get your rake out of the shed, there are alternatives as to what can be done with them. In today’s blog post, we will take a look at some ideas. Read more